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The first project in the Dubuque Millwork District is the CARADCO Building, now known as the Schmid Innovation Center | CARADCO Lofts. The Carr, Adams, & Collier Company (CARADCO) Main Plant Building is a former millwork factory in what was, at one time, the nation’s largest window and door manufacturing district.


The Schmid Innovation Center | CARADCO Lofts fills an entire city block and was built between 1880 and 1906. It’s adjacent to Dubuque’s downtown, walkable, working class neighborhoods. By establishing a vibrant mix of residential, commercial/retail, and non-profit tenants, Schmid Innovation Center | CARADCO Lofts creates the “Sense of Place” that exhibits the qualities of true urbanism — density, diversity, energy, and sociability.

At a Glance 

  • 3 stories plus a lower level

  • Occupies an entire city block

  • 186,000 sq ft

  • 324 windows

  • Manufactured over 30 million doors and 55 million windows

  • CARADCO products were used in our nation's White House, West Point Military Academy, Northwestern University, and the University of Iowa, amonth others

  • In 1966, company officials estimated nearly half of Dubuque’s downtown buildings displayed CARADCO products

  • CARADCO was purchased by Scovill Manufacturing Company in 1968

  • In 1976, Scovill moved window manufacturing production to an Illinois plant

  • Since 1976, the CARADCO building has been used for many things including warehouse storage, office space, and retail space and was home to a millwork business until 2011.


"What part of an adventure is being the tenth person to do something?"

—John Gronen

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