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Millwork Collective

Located in the Schmid Innovation Center, the Dubuque Millwork Collective, is a dynamic multi-tenant organization supporting non-profits and community initiatives. DMC Partners operate more efficiently and generate increased impact through co-location and shared services. The resulting collaboration provides cost savings while fostering new opportunities and a greater focus on each partner’s individual mission.

Community Impact Through Collaboration

The strength of a community is enhanced by the mission-driven non-profit organizations that serve to create openness, aesthetics and a positive social environment. Collaboration among these organizations is the focus of the Dubuque Millwork Collective (DMC). The DMC will help tenant organizations operate more efficiently and generate increased impact by offering significant cost savings and fostering new partnership opportunities. This allows for a greater focus on their individual missions.

Impact Through Efficiency
  • Shared office equipment and technologies

  • Shared group purchased services

  • Shared auxiliary spaces 

Schmid Philanthropic Initiative
Guiding Principles


Dubuque is a great place to live and work. Our desire is to find ways to assist the greater Dubuque area to be more successful, relevant and vibrant, thereby encouraging our young people to remain and grow in our community as well as welcoming to those looking at the area. This means providing support to create an environment of financial, physical and emotional/spiritual well-being.


Collaboration is key. No one is successful in a vacuum. Success depends not only on our personal motivations and work ethic, but also on key partnerships which can bring expertise, funding, social or emotional support to our mutual endeavors. We wish to create a sustainable environment where these efforts are allowed to flourish, thereby helping future generations create legacies of their own.


A hand up, not a hand out. Our belief is there should be “skin in the game” on the part of those involved in any effort whether new or ongoing. We believe robust success is best achieved when those involved actively participate in the solution. By helping to support organizations whose activities create opportunities for people looking to help themselves, we believe that we can help create a sustainable philanthropic model to benefit future generations.

"A hand up, not a hand out . . .we believe that we can help create a sustainable philanthropic model to benefit future generations."

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