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Schmid Innovation Center

Located in the heart of the Millwork District at 900 Jackson Street | 955 Washington Street, the Schmid Innovation Center offers a variety of commercial space including restaurants/eateries, bars, coffee house, locally produced food market, artist shops, retail, and office space. 


The lower level of the Schmid Innovation Center houses the Dubuque Millwork Collective; a multi-tenant organization supporting non-profits and community initiatives. Co-location and shared services allow these groups to operate more efficiently, generate increased impact, and focus on mission.


Generous donor funding provided by Dick and Carrie Schmid assisted with key infrastructure improvements to the building's lower level in order to support the current eleven non-profit organizations.


The current commercial/retail tenants on the first floor of the Schmid Innovation Center benefit from the energy and diversity which these organizations bring to the District and vice versa.



Whether you walk, bike, or drive, there are multiple transportation options. 

  • Bike locking stations are located on all sides of the Schmid Innovation Center

  • The Intermodal Facilities are located one block away, which includes public transportation and buses

  • Hourly meters located around the Schmid Innovation Center

  • 24 Hour parking ramp on Washington Street

  • Multiple surface lots within a 2-block radius offer free parking on weekends and weekdays from 6pm-6am

“Our mission is to take care of andrepresent Dubuque businesses and our community. We are very happy with our decision to relocate to the exciting Millwork District because of how it represents Dubuque. Greater Dubuque thoroughly enjoys working in our vibrant office and our clients agree. We often receive positive feedback that our workplace demonstrates Dubuque as cool and edgy, while still being professional.”


—Rick D., President & CEO
Greater Dubuque Development Corporation

"Being located in the beautifully restored Schmid Innovation Center has provided us with a unique and vibrant experience. The progressive nature of this development in context with the rest of the historic buildings in the District led us to the undeniable conclusion that we had found the perfect setting for Pigott. We are thrilled to be doing business in Dubuque. The fact that we ended up where we did and have the opportunity to work with Team Gronen is icing on the cake!"


—John S., Owner of Pigott

"We very intentionally chose the Millwork District as the location for our business. The vibe here is special, uniquely Dubuque, but with a progressive, big city feel. The authenticity captured here is unlike anywhere else, as our space and the area in general has been a huge asset to our business. We view the entire district as an extension of our office. We have walking meetings and use the courtyard, as well as other common areas for events—its our own little Googleplex campus! It has helped us attract young creative talent and leaves a great impression on current and potential clients! Gigantic wouldn't be Gigantic anywhere else."


—Sean M., Partner

Gigantic Design

"When you work or live in Dubuques' Millwork district, you become part of the Millwork family! The innovative collective thinking and partnerships that come with being a part of this family is unlike any other city I have traveled to. I am proud to have been the first retail tenant in the Schmid, Innovation Center and the growing opportunities that continue to unveil amaze me every day! We truly are ONE family."


—Jodi S., Owner, Zazou's Bridal Boutique & Tuxedos



Live, Work, and Play in the Millwork District

At the turn of the 20th Century, the Dubuque Millwork District was the heart of the region's economy. Timber floated down the Mississippi River and was used to create doors, windows, staircases, cabinetry, and more, by master craftsman at the CARADCO (Carr, Adams, and Collier) Company and Farley and Loetscher Company. But, by the 1960's and '70s, these once bustling mills had shuttered or relocated—leaving behind a rich historical legacy, in vacant or underutilized buildings. 

In 2005, the Envision 2010 process began, gathering input from thousands of tri-state citizens as to what community projects they'd like to see happen by 2010. One of the identified projects was the revitalization of Dubuque's Historic Millwork District. Public and private partners developed a master plan to transform the 17 square block district and create a place for people to live, work, and play.


The hammers started swinging in 2011, as work began on the first catalyst project, which was  the revitalization of the former CARADCO Building. This building is now home to the Schmid Innovation Center, Millwork Collective, and CARADCO Lofts.

Today, the Millwork District is a vibrant collection of over fifty offices, retail shops, and eateries.


Proudly Managed by Gronen

900 Jackson Street, Suite LL2 | Dubuque, IA

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Dubuque 365 Impact Awards

Historic Preservation


Faces & Voices CommUNITY Award for Diversity Initiatives Nomination

Best Commercial


Ken Kringle Historic Preservation Award

Excellence in Historic Preservation


Main Street Iowa Award for Exceptional Revitalization

Best Total Building Rehabilitation


Ken Kringle Historic Preservation Award

Excellence in Historic Preservation


Preservation Iowa

Preservation at Its Best Award, Large Projects


Tony Goldman Award established by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and NTCIC



Dubuque Main Street Award

Best Total Building Rehabilitation

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